Monday, November 11, 2019

L.A.'s Wealth Mountains

The Topography of Wealth in L.A. - Visualizing Income Inequality as Terrain is an impressive story map which explores the city's vast income disparities using elevation as a metaphor for wealth. As you scroll through the story the map highlights areas of the city where there is a huge disparity between the median incomes of people living in adjacent neighborhoods.

On the Topography of Wealth map areas of Los Angeles are shown at different heights depending on the area's median annual household income. Neighborhoods with a high median annual household income are shown as tall towers while neighborhoods with a low median income are shown as smaller towers.

The map provides a striking visualization of the distribution of household incomes in the city. Many places in the city have neighborhoods with extremely high median incomes right next door to neighborhoods with very low median incomes.

The map was made with QGIS, Blender, GSAP and D3.js.

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