Saturday, February 03, 2007

'Just Map It' with Nike's Google Maps Mashup

+ = Map It (Now called Nike+)

An announcement on the message forums reveals a Google Maps Mashup created by the company for runners called Map It. Here is how it's described:
"Map It lets you draw, describe and share routes you run. You can find exactly where to run, wherever you go. And the best part—you can track your progress running the same route over time."

In response to a user question regarding availability outside the US a Nike spokesperson replied:
"In beta Map It is limited to US Nike+ runners but will be made available other regions as soon as we can, pending local Google Map availability of course!"

For more information about Map It, read through the announcement thread or this FAQ section.

Nike's entrant in the Google Maps run tracker joins many well established run finders and tools designed to help runners. A few of the most popular include the Google Maps Pedometer and Walk Jog Run.
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