Saturday, January 20, 2007

Google Maps Australia is now live

It appears Australia now has it's own domain for Google Maps. Google Maps went live with streets, roads and place names back on May 18th, 2006. Google Maps Mania reader Chris Clarke explains the experience prior to today in his email tipping us off on the new domain: "Australia's had its own street directory for a while now, but you've had to type Australia in your search each time."

Other Google Maps "domains": USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, Netherlands, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Planet Mars, The Moon, Google Maps for Enterprise

New Google Maps Mashups for Australia:


Anonymous said...

It appears that this also includes New Zealand as well. Not that we are apart of Australia or anything :-)

Anonymous said...

The big question is when will Australian business data be available in Australia. The availability of the Australian URL in itself is irrelevant. The only thing that has changed is the removal of the unavailable links. Unfortunately there has been no addition of any features or functions.

Anonymous said...

Theres no directions, its only for searching addresses

Anonymous said...

Looks like local search and driving directions are live now