Friday, February 25, 2011

Google Maps Friday Fun

Google's satellite imagery update in London last week includes this amazing shot of an aircraft flying over Russell Square.

Via: Mapping London

Aus Hadeln left a comment to say he had also found this image of a plane approaching Heathrow in west London.

Travelling east along the same flight path, approaching Heathrow, I found this plane.

Where is Christchurch? The Map Game

The tragic news from Christchurch this week has ensured that everyone knows the location of New Zealand's second largest city. Or do they?

The Map Game asks you to find locations on a Google Map. Well actually not on the map, as that would be too easy, but on Google Maps satellite view. So do you know where Christchurch is?

Once you have found Christchurch you can donate to the New Zealand Red Cross at:

Artinfo - Google Maps Art

Artist Ben Joyce's paintings are inspired by the interesting satellite views he finds on Google Maps and Google Earth. Google liked his work so much that they recently asked him to show his work at their offices at Mountain View.

Artinfo have a nice slide show of Ben's work.

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