Thursday, February 17, 2011

Google Maps of Movie Locations

In a post on Google LatLong Phil Verney, a Program Manager at Google Earth & Maps has hunted down some of the Street View images of locations used in the movie Love Actually.

The Grosvenor Chapel‎, used in a wedding scene in Love Actually

Here are a few Google Maps applications dedicated to mapping film locations:

screen shot of TheMovieMap
TheMovieMap is a Google Maps mash-up of movie sets and filming locations. The location of each film can be viewed in Google Maps satellite view. Clicking on a tag reveals a brief description of the film and the location, photos and external links.

It is possible to add new movie locations to the map by completing a short form.

British Film Map
screen shot of British Film Map
To celebrate the Summer of British Film season on the BBC the Culture Show team visited classic film locations around the UK.

To accompany the television programme the BBC released this interactive Google Map of film locations. The map includes fascinating stories about iconic locations and exclusive film commentaries by critic Mark Kermode.


Filmaps is a film locations website that also uses Google Maps to show the locations of movies. Filmaps want to help movie fans find the locations in their favourite movies.

It is possible to search Filmaps for a particular film or it is possible to search a location to see which film was made there. For example, a search for the Eiffel Tower reveals that four films in the Filmaps database have used the famous landmark as a location.

New Moon Map

Italian newspaper la Repubblica created this Google Maps mashup covering some of the locations in the movie New Moon. Part of the film is set in the picturesque Italian town of Volterra.

The map markers show some of the film's locations and include photographs and extracts from Stephenie Meyer's original novel.

Via: Google LatLong


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