Sunday, February 20, 2011

Synched Rally Videos with Google Maps


Rally-Maps, the rally web portal, uses Google Maps to show the locations of rallies all over the world and allows users to place their rally videos on an on-line map.

The site has recently released a number of new features. One of these new features is the synchronisation of rally videos with Google Maps. This example lets you view a video of the 2011 Sigdalsrally, with Kjær Motorsport's Subaru Impreza group N rally car.

As the video plays the car's position is shown on the Google Map. The video is truly synchronised with the map, if you pause the video the car's movement on the map will pause and if you select a different time in the video the map will also update automatically.

If you love motor sports you should also check out these other great Google Maps features on Rally-Maps:
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  • Street View support: click
  • Elevation profile for special stages with mouse over effect: click

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