Saturday, March 31, 2012

8-bit Google Maps Hacked

At the risk of getting into all sorts of trouble I've hacked Google's new 8-bit Google Maps April Fool.

8-bit Map uses the 8-Bit map tiles with the Google Maps API. I've added a few links beneath the map to showcase some of the landmarks Google have included around the world.

If Google allow map developers to use the map tiles then I'm sure we could see some awesome games built on top of the 8-bit map.

The new 8-bit map also has a number of characters from Dragon Warrior dotted around the world. Whilst I was in the hacking mood I therefore decided to put together an 8-bit Map - Dragon Warrior version of the hack as well.

1 comment:

Michael Schnuerle said...

I did a quick hack on our beta map earlier with the 8bit tiles: Your Mapper 8bit Map

I hope Google keeps it and allows it as a standard API option.