Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Real-time Twitter Activity on Google Maps

Tweereal is a Google Map of Twitter users activity in real-time. The map displays an animation of the latest Tweets that contain geo-tags.

The Twitter messages are shown on the map by expanding coloured circles. It is possible to adjust the size and the opacity of the circles on the map. The map also includes slider controls that allow the user to control the length of the circle animation and the precision of their location.


TED @ Design Lab said...

I clicked on the map image but it only displays a Google map without the animation (waited 5 minutes)? I am trying to create some alike this using iMapbuilder, however it won't support live database yet, so I am very interested in learning how to do it by feeding live data.

Unknown said...

Hm, now it works)
Maybe problem in your browser.
Source code - https://github.com/defly/tweereal