Wednesday, March 07, 2012

iPhoto for iOS Map via Google Maps

A lot of people have noticed that the new iPhoto for iOS does not use Google Maps. Some people are even wondering if this is the first sighting of Apple's long rumoured replacement for Google Maps in the Maps app of iOS.

Refnum Software have managed to import the new Apple Map tiles into the Google Maps API. Their map, Apple Map Tiles, allows you to view the new Apple Map using the Google Maps interface.

Having a look at the iPhoto map I doubt that this version will end up replacing the Google Maps in the Maps app for iOS. First off I don't think it is aesthetically pleasing enough. Secondly at the moment the map tiles aren't detailed enough to be a full replacement for Google Maps (although it is possible that Apple are holding back on a few zoom levels for the iPhoto map).

You can bet that Apple Maps is coming but it looks like Apple still have some work to do before they replace the Google Maps app in iOS.
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