Sunday, May 27, 2007

Magnificent Moscow Metro Mashup (Google Maps)

A Magnificent Moscow Metro Mashup: - (Update - these sites no longer work so dead links have been removed)

Boris Vikhanskiy of Russia dropped me a line to inform me of a new bilingual (Russian and English) transit mashup he has created for the Moscow subway system. As far as transit mashups go, this is one of the better I've seen in all ways. For the network itself the mashup has routes, station schemas and exits (more on that in a moment) and public transportation by each station. The UI for the map itself features a tool to measure distance, a way to pass a created path as a link and print/email options. This, among many other features.

My favorite part of this map is that it keeps surprising you as you get further and further down in zoom levels. At first you see the color coded spaghetti polylines going every which way to illustrate the various routes. Zoom down a bit more and stations appear. Even further and text labels appear.. then when you reach zoom levels 1 and 2 the actual schema for the station with each of the stairways and exits is displayed! Take a look:

Be sure to take a look at the bottom of the map to find detailed instructions on how to use every part of Boris Vikhanskiy most awesome Google Maps transit mashup for the city of Moscow, Russia!

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  • Virtual Moscow - A great tourism mashup for Moscow showing highlights and virtual tours


Anonymous said...

Sosedi-Online, (Russian content) is another project which uses Google Maps. It is about local businesses, news and people.

Alexeypolaris said...

doesn't work in webkit browsers...