Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All the Criminals Near You on a Google Map


CriminalSearches is a new website that lets citizens view a Google Map of their neighbourhood with all those with a criminal record who live in the area tagged on the map.

The Neighborhood Watch feature of CriminalSearches.com allows users to quickly discover if anyone with a criminal record is living in the surrounding community. Users simply enter a full address, or city and state, and are presented with a map identifying people in the area with criminal records. You can then click on the map to view detailed information about the identified criminals including name, age, current and previous addresses and complete criminal history. Different types of criminal are given different tags.

This Google Map is of course going to be of great interest to just about everyone. I'm sure you will be checking out your neighborhood in the next few minutes (if you haven't already done so). Moreover I can see this being a great tool for people looking to move house. Wouldn't you want to check out the criminal records of your future neighbors if you could? And if you had been thinking of buying a property in the area in the screen-shot above wouldn't you change your mind after seeing that map?



Jayson said...

I wonder how many senators' houses are on here.

Keir Clarke said...

I think they would need a new tag for that :)

Annie said...

How come it only shows sex offenders I thought it would show all kinds of different criminals.