Thursday, August 24, 2023

A New Google Map of the Brain

If you've ever wanted to look inside someone's brain then you might like the European Commission's new 'Google Map' of the human brain. This new 3D map allows you to take a look inside a human skull and explore atlases of the brain's regions and neural connections.

The European Brain Research Infrastructure (EBRAINS) is funded by the European Commission to accelerate brain research and innovation in Europe. It aims to provide a collaborative platform for researchers, clinicians, and technology developers working in the field of neuroscience and brain-related disciplines. One of the project's outcomes is the Siibra Explorer, an interactive atlas of a human, monkey, rat and mouse brain.

The Siibra Explorer is a 'Google Map' of the brain. It is an online interactive tool for exploring maps of the brain and for visualizing brain data. The varied brain atlases provided by the Siibra Explorer provide detailed anatomical information and labels of the brain regions, allowing researchers to understand the organization and connectivity of different brain structures. Different brain data (such as MRI and other types of neuroscientific data) can be overlaid on top of the 3D brain model. Users can even use their own data with the Siibra Explorer, enabling them to analyze and visualize their data on a 3D model of the brain.

The Siibra Explorer maps includes its own coordinate system. This means that researchers and scientists can easily share and collaborate brain data and share information with other users, simply by sharing the URL of their current map view.

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