Monday, June 09, 2008

Finding Cheap Gas on Google Maps

Crude oil seems to record its biggest hike in price almost monthly and gas prices appear to hit record levels almost daily. I'm sure that Google Maps mashups that show the consumer where they can find the cheapest gas are bound to be popular at the moment.

GasPriceWatch is a website that will help you find the cheapest gas prices in your neighbourhood. You can search GasPriceWatch for US gas prices by using the zip code search or by specifying a street, city and state. The gas prices of local gas stations are then shown in a sidebar and tagged on the map.

Gas Prices are updated on the site by over 123,000 volunteers.
GasBuddy have a handy Google Maps mapplet that will allow you to search Google Maps for the cheapest gas prices. The cheapest stations are tagged on the map showing the price, address and time and date when the current price was updated
ALtFuelPrices is a Google Maps mashup showing alternative fuel prices and fill stations for the entire US. You can search the map by zip code or state. You can also refine your search by type of fuel, e.g. biodiesel or electric.

Results are returned on the map with handy price tags.
UK Readers can find the cheapest petrol in their neighbourhood at Search for prices by entering a postcode in a search box. Local petrol stations are then tagged on the map with prices in litres. You can even adjust / update the prices yourself if you know they are wrong.


WAPetrol is a Google Map mashup showing the cheapest places to buy petrol in Western Australia. The cheapest prices are given in a sidebar. Click on one of the petrol stations listed in the sidebar and it is highlighted on the map.

What do you know - it seems lifehacker thought that today would be a good time to post on 'Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas'. Not particularly Google Maps related but definitely on topic - and some handy tips.

Use Public Transport
Finally - whilst this is not exactly a trick to find cheap gas - using public transport, where you can, will probably save you money in the long run. When you ask for directions in Google Maps check for the Public Transit option. Google Maps for Mobile also recently added public transportation directions.

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