Thursday, June 05, 2008

View the Milky Way on Google Maps

Spitzer Google Map
Two days ago, at the 212th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, a new portrait of stars in our inner Milky Way galaxy made from over 800,000 snapshots from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope was released.

When I first saw the images on the internet I thought 'someone should make a Google Map of that portrait'. Well Caltech have - so now you can navigate and zoom into the image using Google Maps' familiar navigation tools.

If anything the Spitzer imagery is more astounding than the Hubble imagery used in Google Sky. At the moment the map is a little light on informative markers, but the makers say they will be adding more soon.


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Arizona Game and Fish said...

Would we be able to have something like:,lmc:wikipedia_en (wiki and images should load) but that only wiki and images corrosponding to our blue bubble locations show. Resulting in a much cleaner and less populated map?

Can you please provide me with the contact information of some developers. We do have a small budget to do this.