Thursday, June 26, 2008

Viewing Sports Stadiums on Google Maps

SportingSights (dead link removed)

SportingSights has a huge collection of geo-tagged sports stadium. The site seems to have collections for most major sports. Each stadium is shown on Google Maps but there is also the option to view the stadium in Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps and Multimap.


MapGameday is a website aimed at college football fans to help them share special places around their favourite school with other fans. Users are able to share their favourite hotels, restaurants and tailgate locations.

The site includes a number of Google Maps, such as the college football recruiting map and team travel maps. The team travel maps show the distance that College Football Teams travel for road games, both in and out of conference. Whilst the college recruiting map shows every division one school and their recruits.

MapGameDay also allows you to view the college football stadiums in 3D via the new Google Earth browser plug-in.

Golf Nation

Golf Nation has added Google Earth Browser plug-in views to their comprehensive list of golf courses. They have also added the option to embed any of the golf course maps in your own website or blog. Each course has all eighteen holes tagged and each tag contains information about the hole's par and length.


Google Earth Hacks and Google Earth Blog have teamed up to create a web site that allows people to share and view 3D locations using the Google Earth plugin. Combining Google Earth Blog's vast knowledge of Google Earth and the thousands of kml files in existence with Google Earth Hack's experience of creating Google Earth and Google Maps collections is an inspired idea. This site should prove to be very popular (dead link removed) is a new community-driven satellite image sightseeing project. Users can submit interesting views they have found on Google Maps. The site already has thousands of interesting satellite images from around the world, submitted, researched, and maintained by its users.

Again SatelliteSights is not devoted to just mapping sports stadium but it does include a big 'sports' section of satellite views.

You can find many other Sports related Google Maps Mashups in the right hand column of this page under 'Sport'.



Unknown said...

The plural form of "stadium" is "stadia".

Keir Clarke said...

Actually 'stadiums' or 'stadia' can be used. The strictest grammarians would probably dismiss 'stadia' as being incorrect and say that 'stadiums' should be used.

Stadia is an ancient measure of length - so to avoid confusion (many would argue) 'stadiums' should be used for the plural of 'stadium'.

Besides since stadium derives from the Greek, it should not take the Latin plural -um -> -a.

Personally I do prefer 'stadia' but as (I think) all the websites in this post use 'stadiums' I thought it might be slightly confusing if I differed in my usage.

I actually used to be an English teacher so I'm very happy to argue the point with you.

Unknown said...

Two things come to mind...
(1) Above, please see "SportingSights has a huge collection of geo-tagged sports stadium." does not say stadia or stadiums. This is why I was complaining.
(2) When I went to SportingSights, on their front page they also say "The World’s 10 Largest Stadia" over their list of stadia.

Keir Clarke said...

Damn my false memory syndrome!

Unknown said...

Then of course (not to rub it in or anything), there's the title of this blog entry: "Viewing Sports Stadium on Google Maps". Again, I would have expected either Stadia or Stadiums.

Keir Clarke said...

I knew I should never have got into this argument!

I'll change the title - but should I change it to 'Stadiums' or 'Stadia'?

I think I'll go with 'stadiums'. I have just read that 'stadiums' has a far higher frequency in American English than 'stadia'. Although I'm English myself I'll defer to the majority of readers of this blog in this.

Either that or I can't bring myself to back down :)

Anonymous said...

You're right, they are both acceptable. I'm English too and I prefer stadia but I've probably been guilty of using both at some point in the site.