Thursday, August 31, 2017

4472 San Francisco Families Evicted

The No-Fault Evictions Map visualizes properties in San Francisco where landlords have evicted their tenants using the controversial Ellis Act. It shows both individual properties and an overall choropleth view which shows which San Francisco neighborhoods have seen the most eviction.

The map includes a date control which allows you to filter the map by a specific date range. You can also filter the map by type of eviction. If you click on a neighborhood you can view the total number of evictions in the area during the selected time period. If you click on an individual property marker on the map you can view that property's address.

The Anti-Eviction Mapping Project has also been mapping Ellis Act Evictions in San Francisco for a number of years. Their Ellis Act Evictions Map features an animated timeline map of Ellis Act evictions in San Francisco from 1997 to the present day.

The map shows the location of properties where 4,472 San Francisco families have been evicted. The size of the markers shows the number of evictions made at that property. The Ellis Act gives landlords the right to evict tenants in order to "go out of business". Judging by this interactive map some San Francisco landlords seem to have gone out of business quite a few times now.

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