Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Emoji Map Generator

You have probably dreamed all of your life that one day you will have your very own Emoji Map. Well today that life-long dream becomes a reality - thanks to the Emoji Map Generator.

The Emoji Map Generator can create an emoji map for any location in the world. Just select the area you want to map and click 'generate'. It really is that simple. You now have an Emoji Map.

But "Hold on"", I hear you ask. "I don't want a tree emoji on my map. I want a leaf emoji."

Don't panic! The Emoji Map Generator has got you covered. You can change any of the emoji images on your map to a different emoji image of your choice. To do this simply click on one of the four preset emojis and cut & paste your own emoji in instead. If you need a little help you can select and copy the emojis from EmojiCopy.

Of course you might want your car emoji to appear in parks and not on roads and your wave emoji to appear where buildings are. Don't worry, you can do that too. To change where an emoji will appear on the map simply type in the RGB code of the map's base color where you want the emoji to appear.

One problem you might encounter with your new Emoji Map is that all those emojis can make it difficult for other people to recognize the area you have mapped. In that situation you can show your friends the location of your Emoji Map by using What3Emojis.

What3Emojis is a revolutionary new way of addressing the entire world using the only common language of the entire human race, the emoji. With What3Emojis the Earth is divided into 4m x 4m squares which are randomly assigned a unique three-emoji combination. If you want to share your location with someone else all you need to do is share the three emojis assigned to that location.

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