Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The Sound of Global Protest

Cities and Memory has created the first sound map to document the different soundscapes of political protest around the world. The map includes sound recordings made during protests in 27 different countries. It allows you to listen to Americans protesting against Donald Trump, Icelanders demonstrating against the collapse of the country's banks and the English protesting against Brexit.

You can explore the sound recordings, made during political protests around the globe, on the simple Protest and Politics interactive map. Just click on a map marker and you can then listen to the selected political protest directly from the map.

Protest and Politics is just one of a number of sound maps created by Cities and Memory. If you find the sounds of protest a little discordant then you could always try the Sacred Spaces sound map instead. This map allows you to listen to more spiritual recordings made in churches, temples and other sacred spaces around the globe.

You can also explore how other organisations and people have mapped sound with these other Sound Maps that have featured on Maps Mania.

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