Friday, August 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Information Map

Hurricane Harvey is expected to strike Texas on Friday. Alongside the predicted high winds the storm is forecast to drop more than 35 inches of rain onto some areas and to cause a storm surge along the coast. There is therefore the danger of widespread flooding. To help you prepare for the coming storm Esri has released its Hurricane and Cyclone Public Information Map.

Esri's map identifies the potential impact of Tropical Storm Harvey through a variety of different map layers. These layers include:

The Public Information Map - the initial map view identifies the current and recent location of Harvey. It also provides forecast positions and the storm's probable track. The shaded area on this map layer is the 'cone of uncertainty', the likely path of the center of Harvey.

The Impact Summary Map - shows the storm surge by identifying locations most at risk for life-threatening inundation from storm surge. The total population at risk is 248k people, 99k households, and 10k businesses.

The Forecast Precipitation Map – this map forecasts the amount of rain expected within the next 72-hour period.

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