Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Google Maps Driving Games

2D Driving Simulator

2D Driving Simulator is a Flash powered driving game that takes place on Google Maps. The game includes a number of driving locations, including the Googleplex and a number of major cities. There is a choice of vehicles including a car, van, coach or truck. The game also includes some nice details, such as turn signals and a large steering wheel.

GoogleDrive (dead link removed)

GoogleDrive also uses Google Maps within Flash to create a similar looking driving game. Whilst there is no choice of car in GoogleDrive it does have collision detection. Unlike other Google Maps driving games GoogleDrive makes you actually drive on the mapped roads. This addition of collision detection does mean that GoogleDrive feels more like a game than 2D Driving simulator.

Ideally it would be good to see a game that included the vehicle choice of 2D Driving Simulator, the collision detection of GoogleDrive and the actual racing engine of Real World Racer

Real Road Racer was originally reviewed on Google Maps Mania last year. It differs from 2d Driving Simulator and GoogleDrive in that you actually get to race against other cars on Google Maps.

Another Google Maps racing game is the imaginatively titled Google Maps Racing Game. This one is perhaps the simplest of all, as all you can do is drive around on a Google Map using space to accelerate and the arrow keys to steer.

However Google Maps Racing Game also has a Google Earth option

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