Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Turning the Heat on Politicians

Last month Probable Futures released interactive maps which show how different climate change scenarios could effect future weather conditions around the world. This release included a map which visualizes the number of extreme heat days you can expect at locations around the world. 

Azavea has now combined this data on the number of extreme heat days that locations across the United States can expect as a result of global warming with its own database of elected officials to create a map called The 50 Hottest Places in US Politics. Using Azavea's map you can quickly find the legislator who represents the most populated municipality in the county in each state (excluding Hawaii) with the most predicted extreme heat days after global warming. 

If you select one of the politician icons on the map (representing the hottest county in each state) you can view a list of all the politicians who represent that municipality - including both national and state officials. This list includes the full contact details of each politician. It also includes some advice on suggestions you could make to your elected representatives for combating extreme heat, such as fighting to reduce emissions, increasing green space and providing local cooling locations. 

Don't worry if your elected officials aren't displayed on the map. You can enter any location into the map to discover the  number of days of extreme heat you can expect under different global warming scenarios and a full list of all your elected representatives.

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