Sunday, April 04, 2010

Baja Earthquake Google Maps

Southern California Earthquake Tweets

Mibazaar has quickly put together this Google Maps mashup showing Tweets about today's earthquake. The 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Mexican peninsula of Baja California but was felt in Los Angeles and even as far away as Nevada.

Mibazaar's map shows the latest Tweets about the earthquake that have been posted from California.

USGC Did You Feel It Maps?

The USGC Did You Feel It? website use Google Maps to show user contributed reports of earthquakes. The maps are, unsurprisingly, currently showing a lot of activity in western Mexico and southern California.

Earthquakes in the Last Week

This map uses data from the USGC to show recent earthquakes around the world. It also includes the latest earthquake news. The map uses different coloured map markers to show the strength of the earthquakes.


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