Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fun with Google Maps

The Stig Easter Egg

The Stig seems to have replaced Paddington Bear as the Easter Egg of choice for Google in UK Street View imagery. This week's small update to Street View in the UK finds the Stig demonstrating his driving skills at Legoland.

Gabon to Tunisia - Driving Directions

Google Maps has added driving directions in 111 new countries. One result of this update is that you can now get driving directions from Gabon to Tunisia. According to Google the 6,122 km journey will take about 3 days 23 hours as you travel through Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Algeria and Tunisia.

Dead 'Google Error' End

If you do decide to drive from Gabon to Tunisia it might be worth remembering that driving directions are not always 100% accurate.

Geo Fatigued
Location Based Services are hot, so you must check-in at least five times a day and post all your updates to Twitter so that the whole world can know when you are visiting Starbucks.

I'm sure the wonderful Geek and Poke are not the only ones to be feeling a little geo-fatigued.


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