Monday, April 05, 2010

Create Your Own Google Maps of RSS Feeds

rssmapper - Beta

rssmapper lets anyone create their own embeddable Google Maps from RSS feeds. All you have to do is get together a collection of RSS feeds and rssmapper will search the feeds for place names and display the locatable items on the map.

Being able to create a map from an RSS feed or a collection of feeds is a great idea and rssmapper's demo maps gives you some idea how the site could be used. For example, the Natural Disasters Map, tracks a number of RSS feeds, from UGSC, MODIS and GDACS to show the latest earthquakes, fires, floods and tropical cyclones around the world.

The Sports News Map tracks RSS feed from the BBC, the NFL, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Fox News etc to show you the latest sports news.

The Headlines Map tracks feeds from BBC News, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times and Newsweek to being you the latest news on a Google Map.



bayuamus said...

Thanks for your information; it's quite nice, and would be benefited with more customization control, especially on layout and error correction.

I created mine to be put here:

Alien Bob said...

This is a cool service and free. I have my map on this page