Friday, April 02, 2010

Civil War Trails on Google Maps

Pennsylvania Civil War Trails

The Pennsylvania Tourism Office is using the Google Earth browser plug-in to showcase its Civil War trails. The application allows users to explore in 3-D Pennsylvania's Civil War towns, battlefields, hallowed grounds, monuments, and museums.

Pennsylvania Civil War Trails includes a number of embedded GigaPan panoramic pictures that allow you to view historical locations in the state. The site also includes a number of other categories of map marker, including Battlefields, Hallowed Grounds, Historic Places, Historic Towns, Story Stops, State Historical Markers, Historic Monuments and Museums.



Anonymous said...

One civil war blogger panned this as I guess pointless, but I think it is a good application. I have a problem, though with the gigapan in my firefox 3.6.3 browser. When you click it opens a window and the window goes kind of nuts. It seems to switch back and forth from an initial window to another one with a vertical scroll bar though it goes so fast it is hard to tell. there is a link in the window which is hard to click on, because it is jumping around, but if you can hit it it opens the gigapan photo which seems a nice addition.

Keir Clarke said...

I saw the same bug myself. I'm not sure what would cause that.