Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fun with Google Maps

A Street View World Record
The Street View car seems to have decided to follow Wendy Southgate as she took her dog for a walk in Suffolk, England. Wendy Southgate claims to appear in Google Maps Street View 48 times.

We think this makes Wendy the Street View World Record holder. That is unless you know better ...

Google Street View Roulette

Street View Funny, the Street View Gallery website, has created a fun application that lets you view a random Street View image. To play Street View Roulette just press the 'Random Google Street View' button.

Stig in Street View

To complete this week's full-house of Street View stories; I like this Google Sightseeing post on Stig's desperation to appear in Google Maps Street View and Google's equally desperate attempts to blur him out.


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Anonymous said...

follow that bike!
In Streetview from to
49 pano's and a new world record!