Monday, April 19, 2010

How Far Can You Travel with Google Maps?

Isochronous Application

Isochronous Application is a Google Map that allows the user to find the distance they can travel by foot, bike or car within a given time period.

To use the application the user selects the trip type (car, bike or car), then selects the length of time they wish to travel for and a starting address. The application then shades the area on the map within which the user can travel in that time period from the stated starting point.



Jesús Lagos said...

Where have you read this? source? This post and this information has been pubished the last week in


Chet said...

Only off by about an hour of travel based on my experience.

Keir Clarke said...

I found the map via Delicious - if that helps you Jesus.

Jesús Lagos said...

I'm sorry, it's only a coincidence.

Well, the isochorone api GMaps versus ESRI Business Analyst: