Saturday, April 03, 2010

Pegman Gets Married

Here is a strange little 'Easter egg' in Google Maps Street View. If you look at Street View around Van Ness & Polk St in San Francisco then you will see that Pegman has found a bride.

Could it be that someone in the Google Maps team is getting married this weekend?

Surely it can't be the wedding of Michael Weiss-Malik who proposed to his girlfriend via Street View when the imagery around the Googleplex in Mountain View was collected.

Via: Blogoscoped



Anonymous said...

But he was already maried with his first proposel... So, now he maried twice ;) :P :P :P

Unknown said...

It's weird that his face has since been blurred out, and everyone else there is still un-blurred.

No sign of marriage-pegman anymore, so it must have been for this weekend only. An old article I found said that the streetview guy was planning a May 2009 wedding.