Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Video Street View in Action

Global Vision

Global Vision is a Google Maps mashup that lets the user explore Switzerland via a number of video Street Views. It is a little like Google's Street View only it uses panoramic videos rather than still panoramic images.

I first posted about about Global Vision in October last year, however since then the site has expanded its coverage from Geneva to cover a lot more of Switzerland's roads.

It is a lot of fun to explore Switzerland in Global Vision. Just select a road from the Google Map and press play on the video. As the video plays you have full control of the camera view. For example, it is possible to take a virtual drive along the shore of Lake LĂ©man, past the Chateau de Chillon, panning the camera to view the chateau as you pass.

Almost as good as being there for real.


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Unknown said...

Dude, that looks so awesome. I hope Google catches on and offers this sort of thing to US cities.