Sunday, April 18, 2010

Volcanic Ash Cloud Live Tracking Map

Radar Virtuel

Update - if you are looking for a map tracking the ash cloud over Australia from the Puyehue volcano in Chile see this more recent post.

Live plane tracking website Radar Virtuel has now added the Icelandic volcano ash cloud to its Google Map. It is now possible to not only track the non-existent airplanes in Europe's skies but view the location of the very existent ash cloud.

Currently the map shows the cloud sitting over central Europe with most of the continent presumably praying for the wind to soon change direction and blow the cloud northwards.

Via: Mapperz



Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous real-time application! For those who got stuck and who get tired of staring at the few planes up in the air, my blog might contribute something to do while waiting for the ashes to go away.


Anonymous said...


s/y Namaste said...

Any chance adding Australian map with the Chilean volcanic ash cloud?

Keir Clarke said...

@ s/y Namaste - check out today's post about It is tracking the ash cloud.