Thursday, September 08, 2011

Meet New Friends on Google Maps

Meetbymaps wants to help you to grow your social network with the help of Google Maps. If you sign into meetbymaps with your Facebook account you can set your location and begin to browse other meetbymaps users nearby.

The map markers are coloured to differentiate users by gender (pink for female and blue for male). If you click on a marker you can discover basic information about the user such as their name and age. You can also choose to chat with other online users.

In the future meetbymaps plans to add photo sharing features and the ability to add points of interest and add locations where you can plan to meet other users.


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Pierluigi Petrelli said...

hi, i wish to inform that meetbymaps has implemented some new features useful to create,share and search points of interest.
Another news is that all marker have now a streetview.
The streetview point of view is customizable for your own markers.
Enjoy !