Friday, September 30, 2011

3D Driving Directions

Google Maps has added the option to preview driving directions in 3D using the Google Earth plugin.

Now when you use Google Maps for driving directions you will see a 3D button next to your directions.

When you click on the 3D button the map will switch to the Google Earth view. An animated fly-through of your route will then be shown.

You can pause the flight at any time by clicking anywhere in the 3D view or on the pause button. It is also possible to jump to different stages in your directions by clicking on a step in the left hand panel.

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Via: Google Latlong



Mónica said...


Unknown said...

i downloaded google earth to get a 3d drive simulation, but it seems there is no 3d button, they disabled it?

Keir Clarke said...

Mary in Google Maps you need to click the Google Earth icon to get 3D - (top right on the map - it should appear if you mouse-over the satellite or map icon)

Unknown said...

Thank you Keir :)

i discovered with my mouse, if i zoom in, it will go into street 3d mode, but there is no button for it that i can find

KekiU said...

Can I capture the animation for offline view?