Monday, September 12, 2011

Apartment Searching with Google Maps

Apartment List is a new real estate search site that uses Google Maps to help you find a new apartment.

As well as letting you search for an apartment by location, price range and number of bedrooms Apartment List claims to be able to find you your perfect apartment by asking you a number of intriguing questions. For example, one of the questions is 'Do You Watch Dancing With Stars?'

As you continue to answer Apartment List's questions the application narrows down the apartments that it thinks are best for you. You can also connect to Apartment List with Facebook, which it claims will help improve your search results.



Kyle Killion said...

Hi Keir, thanks for the great post! We aren't very cunning. We use your Facebook information to form the basis for our recommender. It cuts out a ton of questions that we would have to ask otherwise. In the future we'll let people create accounts directly but it was easier to leverage Facebook for launch. Thanks again!

Keir Clarke said...

Hi Kyle, I don't know why I was so unfairly cynical with that comment. I have removed it from the post.

Ant said...

Bah to Facebook to see details!