Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Google Maps Guide to Beautiful Stockholm

Google Places' business photo shoots allows businesses to request an indoor Street View shoot of their premises. Once the imagery is captured and added to Google Places it allows potential customers to take a virtual tour of the business using the Google Maps Street View technology.

If Google are looking to see how they can best implement business Street Views with Google Maps they could do worse than check out CityFinder Stockholm. CityFinder is a Google Map of Stockholm's places of interest and attractions such as hotels, cafes, museums, and much much more.

The map includes more than 1000 360 degree panoramic virtual tours of cafes, restaurants, malls, parks, gyms, beaches, museums and nightclubs in the city. The map provides a great guide to the city and an invaluable aide to visitors.

If you are looking for a hotel in Stockholm you can use CityFinder to actually view hotel rooms before you book. Or if you are heading out for a meal then you can check out the ambience of restaurants before booking a table.


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Anonymous said...

Cool, I have not seen a similar interactive map before with the same 360 degree quality. Much better than Google Business Photos and EveryScape.com