Monday, September 26, 2011

Shaded Relief with Google Maps

The Shaded Relief Map fills in a couple of Google Maps missing map types.

As well as providing the usual satellite, map and hybrid layers the Shaded Relief Map includes a shaded relief and a natural map layer. The natural map layer displays Tom Patterson's Natural Earth map.

The Shaded Relief Map also includes a number of handy tools. Users can click anywhere on the map to find the elevation at that point. Users can also measure the distance between two points on the map and measure an area, for example a building or piece of land.




google street view funny said...

Great tool. Totally user friendly, Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI:

The Elevation / Area / Distance features, do not work for me.

for ex:
I click on a point in the map & choose "Elevation" in meters.

A message (with a yellow bkg.) appears at the top of the screen.
It just says "Loading Elevation...",
forever. But no Elevation is shown anywhere.

Same for the Distance or the Area results are returned.
Only the permanent "Loading" message...

Using DELL Desktop,
with XP-PRO SP3, all latest patches and FIREFOX 3.6.2


Anonymous said...

ooops, I meant FIREFOX 3.6.22 in my post (above)....