Thursday, June 12, 2008

Google Maps in Kenya Get Road Maps

Road maps have been added to Google Maps in Kenya. Network World has an interesting account of how Google worked with a team of seven students from three Kenyan universities to add roads to Google Maps in Kenya, which was previously limited to just four highways.

If you want to check which countries have roads, in which countries you can get driving directions or which countries have business listings on Google Maps you can use this handy spreadsheet. The spreadsheet shows details of Google Maps coverage for every country covered on Google Maps.

Via: Mapperz

In March Google Maps Mania reviewed an excellent Google Map of reported human rights abuses in Kenya called Ushahidi.



HASH said...

We're holding a Barcamp in Nairobi in just over a week. Google Kenya is a sponsor, and I have a feeling that mapping will be a core component.

Anonymous said...

i want map for kisii south .south mugirango

Unknown said...

I love the pictures

Unknown said...

I want afo map