Friday, February 07, 2020

Online GeoJSON Editors

I use nearly everyday to create and edit GeoJSON data. I find it particularly useful for tidying up and minimizing third-party data which I have downloaded from elsewhere. For example very useful for previewing data exported from overpass turbo. Once you load the data into you can then remove or add data depending on your mapping needs.

Vector GeoJSON is another popular and useful online GeoJSON editor. Like this online editor can be used to create or edit GeoJSON data directly from your browser. Using Vector GeoJSON you can import data which you have saved from elsewhere. Alternatively you can create data from scratch by adding points or polygons to the Vector GeoJSON map. When you have finished creating or editing your spatial data you can save it as a GeoJSON file. Vector GeoJSON also has an option to covert your GeoJSON to a shapefile (via the ogr2ogr web client).

At the moment has more options than Vector GeoJSON. I particularly like's table view, which makes it very easy to delete surplus features in your data. also currently has more options for exporting your data. As well as saving your finished data as a GeoJSON file allows you to save your spatial data as a shapefile, topoJSON, CSV or KML.

Geoman's GeoJSON Editor is another option for editing GeoJSON data online. Using the GeoJSON Editor you can create, view, edit and share geospatial data in your browser. Where the GeoJSON Editor excels is in its excellent drawing tools.

The GeoJSON editor uses Geoman's own Leaflet-Geoman drawing tools to help you create your geospatial data. These drawing tools allow you to add squares, circles and lines to an interactive map and then grab the GeoJSON data to export the data to your mapping projects. I particular like the 'cut layers' tool which allows you to create holes in your polygons (sometimes known as canvas masking).

The GeoJSON editor allows you to download the data you create as a GeoJSON file but also in the KML, CSV, TopoJSON, WKT and Shapefile formats.


Konstanz Culshaw-Markham said...

useful article thank you. If I have a topojson map file of postcode boundaries or countries. How can I edit it to simply add two postcodes together or countries together then save as a new map?

blogje said...

both are useless if working with larger datasets