Monday, October 09, 2023

The Best Wordle Like Map Games

Worldle is a daily Street View challenge which requires you to identify the location displayed in a Google Maps Street View image. Each day you are shown a different Street View scene that you need to locate on an interactive Google Map.

Fans of GeoGuessr will be familiar with the game-play involved in Worldle. Using the Street View controls you need to navigate around your immediate neighborhood exploring landmarks, buildings, road signs, and other clues in order to identify where in the world you are. When you think you know your location you simply need to enter your answer by clicking on the interactive map.

After each of your guesses a circle is placed on the map to help you narrow down your search. You have six attempts to get within 100 meters of the correct location.

Can you name the four countries which border Greece? If you can then you should head straight over to Neighborle.

Each day on Neighborle you are shown a different country on an interactive map. Your daily challenge is to name all the countries which border that day's highlighted country. Every time you name a correct bordering country it will be shown in green on the map. If you enter an incorrect country then that country will be colored grey on the map. You are allowed to make five incorrect answers every day. Once you have made five incorrect answers you aren't allowed any more guesses.

Don't worry if you can't name Greece's four immediate neighbors there will be a new challenge tomorrow. A challenge centered on a completely different country.

The Pudding has released a daily geography guessing game. Every day The Pudding publishes a geotagged photograph from Wikimedia. Your task is to guess where in the United States the photograph was taken.

Where in the USA is this? is similar to the popular GeoGuessr Street View guessing game in that you have to try to determine a location based on the visual clues in an image. However where Geoguessr allows you to explore a location on Street View 'Where in the USA is this' restricts you to just five static images. 

To guess the location of the first image shown you just need to click the location on the provided map. You are then told how many miles from the correct location your guess is and shown a second photo. There are five photos in total and you get five attempts to guess the correct location.

Like the popular Wordle game there is a new round of 'Where in the USA is this' every day.


The pace of new Wordle inspired map and geography games shows no signs of abating. Worldle is one of the most popular daily geography challenges. This game requires you to name a country from just its map outline. Like the original Wordle game you have six goes in which to find the right answer. And, like Wordle, there is only one game to play every day.

Where Worldle differs a lot from Wordle is in the clues given after each answer. Instead of green and yellow squares Worldle uses arrows and percentages to help you get to the correct answer from your incorrect guesses. After each guess, you are told the distance you were from the correct country, the direction you need to move on a map and the proximity of your guess to the target country. With just these clues it should be possible to work out the correct answer within the permitted six guesses (particularly if like me you cheat and use a world map).

EOGuesser is another daily geography challenge which is obviously inspired in part by the now famous word game.

The objective of EOGuessser is to guess the correct location shown in a satellite image. You have three attempts to guess the correct location. The closer you get to the correct location the more points you win. After each guess you are told if you are in the correct hemisphere and in the correct quadrant of the world map. You are also told how far away you have guessed from the correct location. 

A new location is available every day! Each satellite image is chosen from EOX's Sentinel-2 Cloudless Satellite Map of the world.

Wheredle is another fun daily geography game. This one requires you to identify a location based on its Google Street View image.

The goal of Wheredle is to identify a new U.S. state every day from a random image taken from Google Maps Street View. Fans of GeoGuessr will be familiar with the basic concept of Wheredle. Using contextual clues, such as street signs, landmarks and the natural terrain, you need to guess in which state the displayed Street View was captured by Google. 

If you enjoy Wordle and can't be bothered to wait 24 hours for a new game then you should try playing the popular GeoGuessr Street View game. 

Countyle is another fun Wordle inspired geography guessing game. The object in this game is to identify the mystery country in the fewest number of attempts. After each incorrect guess in Countryle you are given a number of clues based on your answer. 

The first clue tells you if your guess is in the correct or hemisphere. The second clue tells you if you are on the correct continent. The third clue tells you if the country you guessed is hotter or colder than the correct country. The next clue informs you as to whether the correct country has a larger or smaller population than your guess. The final clue uses an arrow to show in which direction you need to move on a map to reach the correct country. 

There is a new country to guess every day.

Globle is another daily geography challenge which requires you to guess a designated country of the world. Each time that you guess a country it is colored in on a globe to show how close you are to today's country. The deeper the shade of red then the hotter (or closer) you are to guessing the correct country.

Every day there is a new mystery country for you to guess. Your aim every day is to guess the mystery country using the fewest number of guesses. 

Wardleis a clone of Wordle which requires you to name the UK local authority area from its map outline. To aid you in your quest after each guess, you are told the distance you need to travel to reach the correct ward, the direction you need to travel and the proximity from your guess to the target area. This game should come with a warning for non-UK players, as you really need a very detailed knowledge of UK geography to win this game.


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