Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Mapping the New York Mayoral Primary

Yesterday the people of New York City voted in the Democratic and Republican primaries for the 2021 New York City mayoral election. The winner of the Democratic primary is expected to go on to win the November 2 election for New York Mayor (which is probably why all the interactive maps I've seen have only bothered to map the results of the Democratic primary).

The Gothamist has created an interactive map and bar graph of the Democratic Mayoral Primary Unofficial Results. The results show that Eric Adams, a retired police captain, has stormed into a significant early lead. However the map also shows that Eric Adams was not the first choice in much of Manhattan, where Kathryn Garcia seems to be the most popular Democratic candidate. The Gothamist's Tableau powered map includes a filter which allows you to see in which electoral districts each candidate was the most popular candidate.

RRH Elections has also published an interactive map showing the results of the Democratic primary. This map also colors each electoral district to show which candidate won the most votes. Like the Gothamist map you can also hover over an individual district on this map to view a detailed breakdown showing the percentage of votes won by each of the candidates.

The Gothamist bar chart of the number of votes cast for each candidate shows that Eric L. Adams currently has a clear lead. However for the first time in this year's mayoral primary a ranked-choice system is being used and the final result is not expected for several weeks. Adams was the first choice for more than 30% of voters. A candidate needs 50% of first choice votes to win overall. No candidate achieved that so now the candidate who won the least votes will drop-out and the second choice votes from their voters will be counted. This process is then repeated until a candidate reaches the 50% threshold. 

I believe the NYT has as interactive map of the results as well. However The Most Detailed Map of New York City Mayoral Primary Results is behind a paywall so I can't actually see it.

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