Thursday, November 11, 2021

Lest We Forget

On the the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 the First World War came to an end. Armistice Day is now commemorated every year on the 11th November to mark the signing of peace between the Allies and Germany. This armistice brought to an end a conflict in which it is estimated that over 21 million people died. 

It is hard to conceive now the sheer enormity of the human sacrifice which took place during World War I. One way that you can come close to understanding the devastation which the war caused to families around the world is by exploring the interactive map A Street Near You. Zoom in on your neighborhood on this map and you can view the locations of men & women who lived near you who lost their lives in the First World War. 

For example if I zoom in on my small street in East London I can see that A Street Near You memorializes the lives of ten young men who died on my street during the war. This includes two brothers, who lived in the house next door to mine, both of whom died in 1916, while serving in the Royal Horse Artillery.

1,589 men died serving in the Royal Horse Artillery. A Street Near You includes the option to search for casualties by regiment (and by cemetery). Whether you search A Street Near You by map or by regiment you can view details of each casualty of the war. These details include a photograph (where available), their full name and service number, the regiment in which they served and the date of their death. If you click through you can also view the individual soldier's entry on the website Every One Remembered.


 The Royal British Legion is working on commemorating every Commonwealth serviceman and woman who died in World War I. Every One Remembered allows you to commemorate relatives who died in the First World War or leave a commemoration for someone that hasn't yet been given a tribute.

Every One Remembered includes a Google Map showing the resting places of Commonwealth soldiers around the world. If you select an individual serviceman or woman from the map you can read details about their service and life. If you have information about a Commonwealth serviceman or woman who died in the war you can also add the information and photos of them to the Every One Remembered records.

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