Friday, November 19, 2021

The PDF Map Maker

This morning I created a printable map of a short Seattle walking route, taking in some of my favorite record shops and cafes.

I created the map using the excellent PDF Map Maker.Which means my map is now a handy PDF file, which I can e-mail to my friends, and which we can all print-out whenever we want to use it. 

PDF Map Maker is a handy tool for making PDF maps. The creation tools allows you to make maps using any of 9 different base map styles (including road maps, satellite, and light & dark styles). To create a PDF map all you have to do is zoom-in on the area you wish to map and press the 'Download Map' button. The PDF Map Maker will then create a PDF Map of the area you selected. It is that simple.

You can also add features to your map if your want. For example in my Seattle Walking Tour map I have added a route line and 6 lettered points (indicating the locations of record shops and cafes along the route). To add lines, points or polygons to your map you just need to upload a GeoJSON file containing your geographical data to PDF Map Maker.

To create my Seattle Walking Tour PDF map I used the online Vector GeoJSON creation tool to create a GeoJSON file of 6 points (showing record shops & cafes) in Seattle. I then used to create the GeoJSON file for the walking route line.It was then just a simple matter of uploading the two GeoJSON files into the PDF Map Maker.

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