Monday, November 01, 2021

Video Map Your Routes

GPX Maps, from Map Channels, is an easy to use application for creating your own animated maps of a GPX route. If you have a GPX file of a walking route, a bike ride or a car drive then you can simply upload the file to GPX Maps and it will create your very own animated interactive map presentation. 

If you have a video and a GPX file of a route then you can create something even more special - an animated map of your route which is synchronized to the video of the route.To add a video to your map you just need to upload it to YouTube and grab its video ID. GPX Maps will even add an elevation chart if you want - synchronized to both your route and your video.  

You can get a good idea of what is possible with GPX Maps from the animated GIF above. You can also see a demo animated GPX route map synchronized to a video and elevation chart on the GPX Maps homepage. 

If you create your own animated video route map with GPX Maps you can view and share the map on Map Channels. You can also add your GPX Map to any webpage simply by cutting and pasting the embed code provided by Map Channels. You can also host the map yourself simply by downloading the files from Map Channels. No API key is required for GPX Maps as it uses the Leaflet,js mapping API.

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