Saturday, January 27, 2024

America's Disappearing Birds

The Washington Post has used data from eBird to map the changes in the populations of individual bird species in the United States. In the last 50 years the US bird population has fallen by nearly 30 percent. In Bird Populations are Declining the Post has used eBird data to create a series of bird population maps for individual species of American birds.

The Post article includes an interactive table which allows you to explore the abundance of 26 different bird species in any US city. This table uses bird sightings reported to eBird to calculate the "number of individuals (of each species) you could expect to see if you went birding for one hour over two kilometers". As well as showing the abundance of each species of bird the table also shows the percentage change of the species over the last ten years (2012-2022).

At the end of the article is an interactive map of the United States which allows you to visualize the population change of hundreds of different bird species. Select a species of bird and the map shows the abundance of the species across the country and the percentage change of the species (2012-2022). On this map the size of the data points represents the abundance of the bird species at that location, while the color of the points represents the percentage change in the species population. 

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