Wednesday, January 03, 2024

The Daily Explorer

Oison Carroll's Travle is a fun daily puzzle which requires players to travel between two different countries on an interactive map in the least possible moves. 

Every day Travle publishes a new map, which is blank except for two highlighted countries. All you have to do is journey from one of the highlighted countries to the other by typing in the names of the countries you could travel through to complete the journey. The object of the game is to complete this journey using the least possible number of guesses.

If you find your craving for Travle is not being met by the daily challenge you can also play unlimited games in the Travle Practice Mode. In Practice Mode you can even choose to play regional versions of the game set in different countries around the world (for example in the USA you are required to journey between two different states).

If you want even more fun daily map challenges then you will probably love Maps Mania's post on The 10 Best Wordle Like Map Games.

Hat-tip: Map Channels

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