Monday, January 29, 2024

The Interactive Anime Atlas

The Anime Site Mapping Project is a mapping project dedicated to plotting the real-world locations that are featured in popular anime series. It's like a giant treasure hunt for anime fans, but except instead of discovering gold, you can uncover the real-world cafes, shrines, and scenic vistas that inspired your favorite anime shows.

Currently the Anime Site Mapping Project consists of four main interactive maps. Three of the maps are dedicated to individual anime shows: Heya Camp, Kimi no Na wa and Yuru Camp. The fourth, main map allows you to explore the real-world locations of all three of the featured anime shows on one map. 

The Kawai Miyagawa Bus Stop, as feattured in Kimi no Na wa

The real fun for me though is hidden in the individual episode breakdowns for each anime series. On these episode pages individual locations featured in each episode of a show are listed with links to Open Street Map and Google Maps. Follow the Google Maps link and you can then compare an actual still of the anime depiction of the location with the real location on Google Maps Street View.

Via: Weekly OSM

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