Friday, November 30, 2007

Which countries have coverage on Google Maps?

Wondering which countries have Google Maps coverage? (Hint: Use this!)

Pamela Fox has posted about a brilliant new spreadsheet tool on the Official Google Maps API Blog that will help you keep up to date on the constantly changing country-coverage on Google Maps (and the Maps API). In her post she presents 3 example questions that this tool will help address: 1) Which countries have map tiles and local business results?, 2)Which countries have localized map controls 3)Which countries have driving directions and geocoding? For example, filter the spreadsheet for countries that have map tiles + geocoding + driving directions + business listings and localization to reveal those countries with full feature availability. The raw, full list with all countries displayed will give you the complete coverage picture for Google Maps as well. Be sure to check back often as this will change frequently! Pamela's closing line of her post is something I'd like to echo here on Google Maps Mania:
"Now, go forth and make internationally relevant mashups!"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google Maps for Mobile now shows your location (without GPS)!

The Google Maps (for Mobile) team has today launched a really cool new feature that will display your current location on the map even if your device does not have built in GPS functionality! The feature is called "My Location" and It works by taking information broadcast from mobile towers near you to approximate your current location on the map. Lost? Need to find a business in the immediate area? Need to get directions from your current location? My Location will allow you to flip out your mobile device and do all of these things instantly and without having to clammer around to set your current location (if you even know).

Take a look at this YouTube clip to learn more..:

Download Google Maps for Mobile by visiting on your mobile phone!
(Works for most web-enabled mobile phones, including Java, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia/Symbian devices [more info])

More My Location links and info:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Google Maps: Allow anyone to edit your map

Update: Please add your location, photo, video, mashup URL or something interesting to the Google Maps Mania Visitor Map, which shows this collaborative mapping feature in action!

Google Maps has launched the feature everyone creating maps has been waiting for: Collaborative Map Editing! Now when you create a map using Google Maps creation tools you can invite specific friends, co-workers or family to edit the map or even select an option to "Allow anyone to edit this map".

To see how this feature can be enabled, create a map from the My Maps tab in Google Maps, then click the "Collaborate" link on the left side panel to see:

So let's give this a try! I've set up a Google Maps Mania Visitor Map that I encourage everyone to visit and add your location to! Add your name, or the name/address of your mashup or just post a fun picture or video of your favorite place on earth.. Let's have some fun! :) To take part, follow the link above and click the "EDIT" button found to the left of the map. Browse to a place on the map and add your location. If you've never created a "My Map" using Google Maps creation tools, this will be your chance to try it out! :) Let's fill this map up! :)

Googler Jess Lee has shown a great example in her
Google Lat Long Blog post announcing this new feature: "..imagine if all the surfers around the globe worked together, leveraging their combined knowledge to create a single map of the best surf spots worldwide, applying the power of wiki-style collaboration to cartography." Is the "Google Maps Mania phenomenon" entering a new chapter of mass, user-collaborative mashups thanks to this new feature? I personally think so. The power and scope of a maps mashup expands greatly when not one but many contribute to it. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New terrain viewing option added to Google Maps!

Google Maps has been updated with new viewing capabilities! Visit Google Maps to see a new "Terrain" viewing option which will show you the geo-physical features of the earth, including labels to help you identify them! Also being modified with this feature addition is the "Hybrid" viewing option which still remains, but is now termed as "Show labels" and is found by clicking the Satellite button. Check out the screen shots below:

More information can be found on from the Official Google Lat-Long Blog post titled: Explore new terrain

[Thanks to Eric Lund for the tip!]

Monday, November 26, 2007

Google Maps + FAA flight data = is a new Google Maps mashup from the folks at of Quebec City, Canada. It's a useful maps app that displays real-time flight conditions for U.S. airports using FAA data. It works by entering a zip code, city name, or airport code (LGA) which then displays colour coded lines representing flight paths from that airport. Four possible color coded lines appear noting time duration of delays: 0-15 minutes, 16-59 minutes, 1-2 hours or > 2 hours. Click the "Show all airport delays" for some real fun! After you've seen the airports that show delays longer than 2 hours, head over to another Google Maps mashup,, to find out why these delays are taking place! :)

Other Flight-related Google Maps mashups

More Google Maps mashups from Poly9:
US Traffic Mashup
Election Results in Quebec
GC Fisheries and Oceans

Belguim, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Norway: New Google Maps Mashups!

Great weather mashup from Norway!
Anders Eriksen sent me a tip about a great new Norwegian weather forecast mashup. The weather mashup has been developed for TV 2 Norway, with data from the Storm Weather Center in that country. Anders explains: "..The data is delivered via a so called Weather On Demand database, and you are able to click on the Google map everywhere in the world and get a forecast, wind, temperature etc. You can also playback an animation of weather symbols on the Google map, forecasting the next hours. The service is only available in Norwegian language thus far (with no plans for an English version anytime soon)." Here is an example for my home city of Waterloo, Ontario with meteogram, 10 day forecast, animation on Google Maps etc.. __________________

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cool Google Maps Mashup and Links Roundup

Realius Fantasy Real Estate Game (WARNING: Very addictive!)

This *addictive* Bay Area (US) real estate game uses Google Maps to challenge you to tour a home and set its market price right on the spot. Nail the price and it earns you big points. I was getting to know a particular neighborhood and nailing prices within a few hundred dollars of the asking price in no time! This is a really fun maps-based game. (Requires quick, free registration)

Animal Tracking on Google Maps:

Track Polar Bears, Elephants, Whales, Turtles and Penguins with this interesting and educational Google Maps tracker. have done a great job giving you the stories and the names of these animals, along with some stunning photography.

Happy Turkey Day from Google Maps Mania!

The Turkey / Thanksgiving Day Mashup:

Virender Ajmani helps us locate Cities/Towns in the US named TURKEY, claiming to be the "Turkey Capital of the US/World", those named "Plymouth" or "Cranberry" :)

Armchair Parade Watching - A post from the Google Lat Long Blog showing links to popular parade maps like the NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade or the Chicago Parade!

Don't forget the football! :)

UK: 8 New Google Maps Mashups!

Routescanner scans your route before you travel! Paul Clarke has created this great Google Maps tool which searches and displays all real-time traffic info and speed cameras along a specific route you specify. It combines the same driving directions engine that Google Maps uses with real-time information provided by BBC Travel and the Highways Agency. When you perform a search (Liverpool to Leeds for example) you learn what can affect that particular journey you are about to take. Things such as roadworks, speed cameras, traffic accidents and so on.

City of Leeds real-time travel info: Here is a fantastic Google Maps mashup created by the City of Leeds! It features a journey planner, traffic news, parking, weather, live CCTV cameras and more! It has a number of great user interface features that will let you choose regions of the city and select timescales. This is really nice work! [via]

Camden Cycling Campaign Route Map: Here is a great mashup showing cycling routes throughout the city of London. Some pretty intense UI and programming work has been put into this mashup. Be sure to take a look at this map if not only for the controls and interesting user features that have been included. [Thanks to Mapperz for this one!]
Many more UK Google Maps mashups can be found by clicking the UK label below!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the middle of the map.. a blog!

The geoblog of a pedestrian in San Francisco..

This headline on a Digg article recently caught my eye:
Most Original Geoblog (Using Google Maps API) I've Ever Seen
With well over 700 diggs I decided to take a look... A large, urban, full screen satellite toggled view of Google Maps comes into view with a recognizable red pin marking a location in a residential neighborhood. The title tag reads: " // the geoblog of a pedestrian in san francisco" Growing out from the pin is a large window containing an ordinary personal blog with titles like: "after work today", "garbanzo beans are the next chicken" and "if there's one thing I enjoy". The titles are posts from Chris Contolini's blog that are literally.. on a map!

The Digg entry explains:
"A modified Wordpress installation is forced inside a Google Maps info window. A small GPS Java app running on his phone places a marker at his current position, while transmitting the time, direction, and speed at which he was moving when he last updated. You can literally see everywhere he is throughout the day (assuming his cell phone is on)."

Don't expect an elaborate (or even interesting) blog. It's an ordinary and infrequent smattering of posts. What's interesting about this is that the entire blog he embeds into this map is location based. Not posts, not photos but the whole thing. As he moves, the map moves with him so the posts (while maybe not location specific) have location based context based to where he is. I think this is a really interesting concept for a blog and hopefully Chris keeps it going. As uninteresting as it is, I'm still interested. :)

For more "real-time" Google Maps mashups, click the label below..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google Maps + Blogs and Feeds = VerveEarth

VerveEarth - Geo-browse blogs, feeds and news!

VerveEarth is a really cool new Google Maps mashup that lets you discover new blogs and news for a geographic area anywhere in the world. When visiting the landing page of VerveEarth you are greeted by the number of feeds that are waiting by continent. I chose to zoom down into New York City to see what is being located. As I arrive in Manhattan a number of recognizable logos are all displayed: MTV, Rolling Stone, The UN, The New Yorker and even users of VerveEarth who have geo-located themselves and added the feed from their blog. By clicking on a map marker it reveals the feeds available from that source as well as a number of options: Add to Favorites, Comments or links off to its page or Wikipedia entry. I took the 30 seconds it takes to register for an account and was also able to save locations and add feeds to 'My Favorites'. If you're a news site or blogger, you need to invite 10 friends to VerveEarth before you can add your own location which helps to promote and foster the social aspects of the mashup. I see VerveEarth as a really interesting way to explore and discover new blogs/feeds and it also creates a very unique blog/feed reading experience: right on a map! :)
via & via]

Monday, November 19, 2007

Big News: Correct an address on Google Maps!

Google has just announced a great new feature for Google Maps that will let users correct the on-map marker location for an address you search for:

This new feature will work for addresses in the U.S. Australia or New Zealand. Google's Seth LaForge explains on this Google Lat-Long blog post that this can be put to use to correct the marker locations for homes and businesses by actually picking up the marker on the map and dropping it down right where the physical door or entrance is, making it easier for people visiting! This is a fantastic new feature that will help you ensure people can find you on and off the Google map!

This nifty little 30 second YouTube clip will help you visually see how this feature can be put to good use:

More helpful links courtesy of this "Edit Google Maps" Help Page:

New US Boundary and Zip Code Google Maps Tools

John Coryat is back with 2 new US-based boundary mapping tools!

Encoded Zip Code Polygons:

Plot the boundary area of any US zip code on to the map as a polygon. John shares the following: ..This one is especially cool in that it uses a Douglas-Peucker algorithm to compute the levels part of the encoding scheme that we wrote in Perl: (open source Perl module)
Douglas-Peucker algorithm: (open source Perl module)

NPA Boundary Map (telephone area codes):

John describes this map tool: "..This one is very useful to anyone looking to see how an area code is layed out in the real world. The data should be fairly accurate. Either click on the map or key in an area code. It can also be accessed directly by including a parameter: (replace "607" with your area code)

See the rest of John's great (and very useful) Google Maps tools here..

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Italy: 9 New Google Maps Mashups! - B&B's in Italy:

Looking for a Bed & Breakfast in Italy? Look no further! has (in both Italian and English) an overview of many B&B's around the country, including pictures. [via]
  • - After you've booked your B&B with Bbdormire, check out interesting agricultural places to see using this Google Maps mashup! (Italian, English and German language) [via]
  • Qualeteatro - Alberto Falossi has created this Google Maps mashup showing all theatre performances in Italy in real time. For an example check out city pages for Roma or Puccini. Qualeteatro also has a Google Maps mapplet available! (Italian language)
  • Google Maps Video Mapplet - Add videos from to your My Maps tab in Google Maps! (English/Italian language)
  • Be@Rome - Silvio Porcellana has created this mashup that maps apartments, hotels and bed and breakfasts available in Rome. It also shows distance and provides directions from the main attractions. (English/Italian language)
  • - This Google Maps mashup shows several points of interest using an easily clickable system (Italian language) [via]
  • - Mapping accessible restaurants and tourist attractions throughout Italy for individuals with a disability. (Italian language) [via]
  • Google Maps "Mapplets" for Italy - Add this content to your Google Maps view!
Check out more Italy Google Maps mashups - click the "Italy" label below!

3 New Google Maps Facebook applications

New Facebook apps using Google Maps:
See 3 more Google Maps Facebook apps in my May 10th post..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

France: 24 New Google Maps Mashups!

Here is a roundup of new Google Maps mashups from the country of France. Special thanks to Renaud Euvrard of for helping to compile this list, and to all that submitted by email...

CarteWifi - Google Map displaying WiFi locations for all of France

Velib Mashups: (Paris City Hall bike rental program)
BmyKey Real Estate Mashup:

..Nice Google Maps real estate mashup for all of France with lots of great user features! (French/English language)
Many more mashups from France can be found by clicking on the "France" label below! Stay current with weekly updates on the French Google Maps mashup scene and the geoweb on!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Google Maps News - Nov. 16/07


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-11-15

ClipGlobe: Browse world video clips on a Google Map

A nice country text list shows videos by location at the bottom. Many different web video formats included!

Operation Iraqi Freedom: Map of Active Coalition Members

Includes troop deployment numbers by country and links to further reading..

Virtual Tourism: Mapping Great Journeys

See the path the Orient Express takes or check out another famous rail journey: The Palace on Wheels, The Glacier Express or and The Vermonter. There are also maps of historical expeditions, The Lewis and Clark Expedition and The Magellan Expedition. Each map takes you on a chronological tour of each stage of the journey and each stage is illustrated with pictures or videos.

Map Bulletin Board - A new social mapping site that lets you post content about places you've been

Global Traders Map: eBiz Fair - A world e-trade map concept that needs placemarks.. Add yourself to the map so Traders/buyers/sellers can contact you!

Why The Geoweb Will Dominate Local Search - Platial Blog post


5 new Google Maps Mashups for Brazil & Latin America

- VadeMetro: São Paulo Subway Map [via]
- Brazil Mountain Biking Trail Map
- Mapping urban art and music
- Mapping a fungal disease threatening soybeans in Brazil
- Satellite imagery catalog for Latin America

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-11-14

Downtown Los Angeles Filming Map:
A tool for picketing writers?

This Google MovieMaps mashup created by David Bullock is drawing some attention from a WIRED Blog for it's connection to the Writers Guild of America strike. Jenna Wortham on the Underwire blog writes: "..A unique Google Maps mashup designed to give Los Angeles residents a heads up on current film shoots could give the strikers a new tool for setting up picket lines." (read the full post)

T'is the season to track packages! These Google Maps tools can help:

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Australian Prime Minister found on Google Maps!

John Howard and Kevin Rudd having fun at the beach!!

8 "Easter eggs" revealed on Google Maps Elections Mashup - Ben Balbo informs us that there are a number of "easter eggs" planted within different areas of Google Maps on the previously blogged about Google Australia Federal Election Site. The easter eggs reveal cartoons of John Howard and Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition respectfully having a great time together! :) Ben gives you instructions to find 2 locations where Howard and Rudd are frolicking together; One at the federal parliament in Canberra and also on Bondi Beach in Sydney!

Here are the steps to see Howard and Rudd at Bondi Beach:
  • Visit the site
  • Enter "Queen Elizabeth Drive Bondi Beach" in the "My postcode or address:" box in the left column
  • switch to satellite mode (button at top right of map)
  • Zoom in to the second highest zoom level
  • In the small box to the bottom right of the map, double click just below the "b" of "Elizabeth" - if you don’t see Johny and Kev, try scrolling a little further down and right.
  • Uncheck "With Party Shading" to get a clearer view
Apparently there are 6 more that haven't yet been found: Around Seaworld on the Gold Coast, Tanunda in Adelaide, a well known Melbourne sporting venue, near Barrack St Jetty in Perth, near Mandorah in Darwin and near the Botanic Gardens in Hobart.! Take a look Ben's post to follow the directions to find them on the map! Aussies will go to the polls on Nov 24th, 2007.

In other news:

Google Maps Mashup: Global Web 2.0 Censorship

Global Web 2.0 Censorship:

Sami Ben Gharbia writes: "In order to shed light on the battle being waged between state censorship and anti-censorship groups, I've created the Access Denied Map, an interactive Google Maps mashup that provides information about the censorship efforts targeting various online social networking communities and web-based applications. Each marker on the map highlights the situation in a specific country that is barring access to major websites. Clicking on the marker opens an information window containing text, images or video describing the nature of censorship and the efforts to combat it."

Read more about this mashup on Sami Ben Gharbia's blog post:
Access Denied Map: Mapping Web 2.0 Censorship

Web 2.0 Google Maps Mashups


Canada Google Maps Mashups (6)

TORONTO: BlogTO Toronto Map:

Find places to eat, shop and hang out. Enter an address or intersection or choose a neighbourhood to look up the types of places by location. As you move the map around the map refreshes with points for that view. Includes listings such as Restaurants/Bars, Cafes, Baked Goods, Grocery, Fashion, Design, Art Galleries and Books

ONTARIO: MTO Traffic Cameras website now using Google Maps!

VANCOUVER: Transit routing is now a part of Google Maps service! - This post from the Google Lat Long Blog explains that directions for Vancouver's TransLink buses, trains, and ferries have been added to Google Maps. Here is a sample route to show you this new functionality.. (Media Coverage:, Globe & Mail)

BC: Great Sunshine Coast Real Estate Mashup!

ONTARIO: Rice Lake Resort Finder
MONTREAL: Maplist - Free, mapped classifieds


Monday, November 12, 2007

Google mapping the San Francisco Bay Oil Spill

A post by James DeBoer over on the Google Lat Long Blog reveals an interesting "News Map" created by the team at the San Francisco Chronicle using Google Maps maps creation tools. The map is a very interesting way to explore the effects of the recent San Francisco Bay Oil Spill using videos, photos and news reports. I've decided to embed the map in this post (Also find the map here):

View Larger Map

James points to another map created by a local SF TV station that shows how far the oil has spread in and around the area:

View Larger Map

Meanwhile, in another post, Cathy Tang informs us that it's
Geography Awareness Week! :)


Google Map of 2008 US Presidential Contributions


US website has mashed up data from the Federal Elections Commission and plotted it all on Google Maps for you to explore. This Google Maps elections mashup is called: The Map of 2008 Presidential Contributions:

The data, downloaded and updated weekly, gets plotted by actual contributions and address locations of contributors. That means you can actually zoom down to street level to see the contributions people in your community are making! Zoom down to a specific area and expand the rolled up data icon to display contributions by street. notes the following: All records are based on $200+ contributions to campaigns except for the 2008 Presidential campaigns, which include sub-$200 transactions as well. Read about how PoliticalBase generates this data here. [via]

Related: - '08 U.S. presidential election

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-11-11

360Cities.Net: Worldwide Panoramic Images on a Google Map:

Click city labels along the top to see 360 degree views plotted to a Google Map. View in Google Earth as well!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Grüvr is your global live music maps mashup!

Worldwide live music mashed-up and mapped for your area:

Have you ever wanted to check to see what live music is happening in your area tonight, tomorrow night or this coming week? I was recently informed about Grüvr - an awesome new Google Maps mashup that will put an end to your dilemma of finding live music.. fast! Here is a description from their site:

Grüvr is an interactive map that lets bands and their fans find each other in a new way - geographically! Grüvr knows how far each fan is from each show. Bands put grüvr tour maps on their profiles to let fans track them on their 'radar'. Fans can share band maps, monitor artist schedules, get alerts when the band plays locally, and get email reminders a day before the show.

When you try arrive, it instantly recognizes where you are (for the most part) and creates an instant Google Maps music mashup out local shows in your area without requiring any registration. For fans of a particular band you can also add a cool Google Maps widget showing tour dates for that act. I rather like Caribou, so I'm including a Grüvr widget for all Caribou dates to illustrate:

When you click on the widget it brings you to a great band page for Caribou that will let you explore and map dates for that band and indicates the "CLOSEST" venue for you to catch them at. There are heaps of features that I don't have the time or space to describe to you so get on over to this great mashup to find out the one million and one ways you can customize this service to the bands, music and location you're interested in. I really like this mashup!

Grüvr's MySpace page also includes a great How-to for bands titled: 10 keys to promoting your band online with maps