Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Comparing New York Neighborhoods

You can learn a lot about New York's neighborhoods on DATA2GO.NYC. The DATA2GO.NYC mapping and data tool allows you to access federal, state and local data concerning the economic well-being of all of the city's neighborhoods. Using the tool you can view information in many different areas, such as educational attainment and average incomes in each New York neighborhood.

Using the DATA2GO.NYC interactive map you can view information on over 300 different indicators, in areas such as education, demographics and the economy. If you select an indicator from the map's drop-down menu you can view a choropleth view of that data on the city map. If you select any of the neighborhood's on the map you can also view how it compares to all other New York neighborhoods for the selected indicator on an accompanying chart view.

The DATA2GO.NYC mapping tool can provide a real insight into individual neighborhoods across a range of different indicators. It also allows you to compare how individual neighborhoods compare to the rest of the city across these same indicators.

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