Wednesday, March 08, 2017

LEGO Maps of the World

The LEGO-IFER is a simple but essential tool for turning the world into a Lego-ified map, a map consisting entirely of colored plastic bricks.

To create your own LEGO map just use the LEGO-IFER's Esri map to zoom-in on your location and press the 'LEGO-IFY it' button. That's it. You now have your very own LEGO map. You can adjust the size of the map using the three yellow brick buttons beneath the Esri map. You also have the option to switch between a map and satellite view of your chosen location.

If you can turn LEGO into a map then why not turn Street View into LEGO. Brick Street View does just that, re-imagining Google Maps and Google Street View as they might appear in Legoland.,

Type your address into this Legoized Google Map and then drop the LEGO Pegman onto your street and you can actually view your house as it might look if it was built with little plastic bricks.

Brick Street View is the work of Einar Öberg, the creator of the awesome Urban Jungle Street View, which allows you to see your street transformed into a jungle. Brick Street View makes use of the same undocumented depth data stored in Street View. Both apps use that data to create a depth map which can be used to plot geometry and sprites in the 3d space of the Street View panorama.

Mapzen's free Vector Tile Service, which complements their Tangram WebGL map renderer, has also been used to create a LEGO map.

This LEGO Style map is made out of colored plastic brick textures, creating a LEGO map of the world. When panning around on the map notice how the perspective on the 3d buildings changes depending on your point of view.

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