Monday, March 27, 2017

Tropical Cyclone Debbie Tracking Map

Tropical Cyclone Debbie is expected to reach North Eastern Australia about 8:00 am Tuesday. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) are warning that the storm will be the worst since Cyclone Yasi in 2011.

The BOM Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map shows the predicted path of Cyclone Debbie and the cyclone's predicted intensity along its path. The Bureau of Meteorology also maintains the Tropical Cyclone Advice service, which provides information on which areas are in the warning and watch zones for Tropical Cyclone Debbie. The advice page also provides information on the cyclone's position, strength and potential impact.

The Bureau of Meteorology's Satellite Viewer provides an animated view of nearly four hours worth of satellite imagery of Australia. At the moment Tropical Cyclone Debbie can clearly be seen to the north east of the country. The Satellite Viewer uses imagery from the Himawari-8 satellite operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency. You can also watch time-lapse animations of the latest Himawari-8 satellite imagery on Himawari-8 Real-time Web.

You can also track Tropical Cyclone Debbie on a number of different animated wind forecast maps. Windytv and earth both clearly show Tropical Cyclone Debbie closing in on Queensland.

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