Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Rise of American Anti-Semitism

ProPublica has logged more than 330 incidents of anti-Semitism, which took place in just three months, from early November to early February. Even more worrying is the fact that in 2017 there has already been 145 bomb threats made against Jewish organizations in the USA. ProPublica has mapped both Reports of Swastika Graffiti and Bomb Threats to Jewish Community Centers and Organizations.

The Bomb Threats visualization uses a static map to show the locations of all 145 bomb threats. Beneath the large map is a timeline of each of the incidents (with the most recent first). Each date in the timeline also includes a smaller static map showing the locations of the bomb threats made on that date.

The Reports of Swastika Graffiti map uses a simple story map template. You can read about some of the mapped reports by using the 'back' and 'next' buttons. Unfortunately the map itself has had all its interactivity turned off. This means that you can't zoom and pan the map or click on the markers to learn more about each of the mapped incidents. However you can learn more about some of the incidents and the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States in ProPublica's article In an Angry and Fearful Nation, an Outbreak of Anti-Semitism.

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